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20 Basic SEO Tips & tricks to get Awesome traffic

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With a new website opening you need SEO to make it traffic worthy and also to get noticed in Search engine.Where are billions of websites out there , these SEO tips will keep you afloat than the rest and make an impression to your Audience.

Let’s go for 20 SEO tips and Tricks :

1.Include a site map

Spiders/bots won’t index pages which can’t be crawled.A site map on your website will allow spiders to go through your website one by one and give it an idea how your website looks like.A big website is the one which needs a lot of site maps to easily let Google crawl with its spiders.


2.Make SEO  friendly URL

Using keywords in your URL is a good idea , it does gets indexed better in the search engine.For example yourdomain.com/samsung phones.html.A lot of texts in the URL will make it look like a spam so you need to be careful how you want to make it look like.


3.Designing a website keeping SEO in mind

When you design a website you need to keep SEO in mind.Flash website won’t get crawled by the spiders, they can crawl texts not flash based content.


4.Submit your website to Google, yahoo and others

After you are done with your website, make sure to submit your website to search engines like Google , yahoo etc.The quickest way to get your site spidered is by getting a link to it through another quality site.


5.Do link building

For Link building 1 thing is important , only good quality links will get your website up and poor little one’s can hurt your website.So be careful in selecting what you link to.


6.Word density

Search engine spiders will pick up on extra usage of a single word in the article which will get you out of the search engine.Stuffing your texts with keywords won’t help.If the keyword density is very high then search engine will take this against you.


7.Easy to use website

Easy to use website is always a plus.Your links can easily be seen and more pageviews will bring a good rank to your website.


8.Start by using Google analytic

Google analytic will help you to look at how the traffic comes on your website , it will help you understand your users.It will give you an accurate pageview count.It tracks everything that crawls up on your website.


9.Unique and quality content

Search engine always love content that is unique and not copied.With unique content comes quality content,both are different.If you could get both in your website it will be a great help to you.


10.SEO can take up to months 

SEO practices can take  upto months to come to into practice.You have to be patient and write articles with all the above mentioned points.


11.SEO focus should be on 1 keyword

In an article your focus should be on one keyword and not on many.It will splatter your keyword density in the page and hence won’t be good for the article as it won’t reach the top Google page.


12.Get some image traffic

Using captions with your images on your website can help you bring image traffic to your website which is important.Most of the website take this easily and don’t do it,but traffic is traffic.


13.Social marketing

Social marketing is a big part of SEO technique.If you know how to work on sites like facebook, twitter, digg etc then is better for the content on your page.


14.Focus on search phrases

Don’t just go for single keywords, go for the whole phrase which people will search in the search engines like Google.This will get you better ranking than the best of websites who focus on keyword only.


15.Optimize your blog

Use meta tags in the title and inside for every article you write.It is a powerful traffic driver.


16.Go on commenting

Show love to others so that they will come back to your site to see.Link them up in your website and ask them if they could do the same for you.


17.Make a video

Make a video on Youtube and link your website to it.Youtube is a traffic goldmine with the traffic.It gives you a high rating backlink to your website too.


18.Video content on your website

Having a video content on your website is a bonus.Surround your video content with high density keywords.


19.Don’t just stick to Youtube

There are many video sites that are famous besides Youtube. Submit your video to sites like Metacafe, AOL, MSN etc.


20.Beware of Google’s updates

Cheap link building and stuffing texts with keywords can get you traffic now but what if next month Google updates its algorithm and you will be left dry.At that point your subscribers and what name your website made will help you keep the traffic going.

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