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Windows phone 8 on Blackberry say what ?

Posted In BLACKBERRY, JUST IN, Uncategorized, windows phone 8 - By Codenametech On Monday, July 2nd, 2012 With 0 Comments

The rumours of blackberry joining the Windows phone 8 is getting ever so loud.Reuters wrote that the RIM is considering getting a new OS apart from Blackberry 10 OS.RIM is coming out with blackberry 10 OS somewhere next year and is taking a lot of time and RIM is in serious consideration for Windows phone 8 OS.

This rumour makes a lot of sense as RIM is going down in every way possible and they need something to get them back on the market.Windows phone is the hottest property besides Android out in the market.Adopting Windows phone 8 on their smartphones will get them some kind of respite.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had approached RIM in recent months, looking to strike a partnership similar to the one the software giant has with Nokia.

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