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iPhone 5 beats Samsung Galaxy S III in web usage in just 3 weeks out

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iPhone 5 has beaten Samsung Galaxy S 3 in terms of Internet usage on it.Just few weeks in the market and iphone 5 has achieved this feat.Chtika said watching at how the internet usage from two big phones proceed, iPhone 5 now accounts for 56 percent of pages, compared to 44 percent for the Galaxy S III.


“However, only 18 days since the public release of the iPhone 5, the newest Apple device has overtaken the Galaxy S III in terms of Web traffic volume,” Chitika said. “Record-breaking sales numbers, along with new 4G browsing speeds which encourage data usage, are the most likely explanation for this tremendous growth.”

For this increase in traffic over the iphone 5 the reasons are simple enough, iphone 5 is a very popular device and also it supports 4G over the network, so the internet speed is high and more data gets transferred.

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