How Windows Phone Can Gain An Edge In App Gaming

  • December 17, 2014
How Windows Phone Can Gain An Edge In App Gaming

When Microsoft purchased Minecraft for a whopping $2.5 billion this past summer, there was a spirited reaction online. People asked all kinds of questions: why would Microsoft want Minecraft? What are they going to do with it? How could such a simple game possibly be worth $2.5 billion? We don’t yet have definitive answers to any of these questions, but it’s fair to say that the transaction was something of a sensation. And though it’s important to note that Minecraft is as much an Xbox game as it is a mobile app, the whole story showed just how much attention mobile gaming developments can get in the media and online.

So what are some other gaming developments we could see from Microsoft to boost popularity for the Windows Phone and the company’s gaming divisions? Here are a few possibilities that could become stories nearly as large as the purchase of Minecraft.

An Answer To Epic Zen Garden

Epic Zen Garden is a new iOS 8 app that was built entirely to showcase the power of Unreal Engine 4 and the visual capability of new iPhones and operating systems. As a game, it’s really quite lacking, as it’s more of a roaming, discovery sort of experience than an actual contest of any kind. But in its precision touch, beautiful imagery, and overall quality, it’s fairly remarkable. As of now, there’s no word on Windows Phone support of Unreal Engine 4. However, should Microsoft find a way to produce a clear response to the power of Epic Zen Garden, it would no doubt spark a story.

A Real Money Gambling Launch

Make no mistake, real-money gaming on mobile devices will be a reality in the near future. There is simply too much demand and too much financial potential for the U.S. to maintain its position outlawing all real-money gaming (in all but three states). And in fact, the transition of existing online gambling sites to mobile platforms in the U.S. has slowly but surely begun. Most notably, reported a few months ago that European casino platform Betfair has already secured a partnership with Caesars, essentially getting a foot in the door in one of the few states to allow certain forms of online gambling. And in all likelihood this is only one of many established gambling platforms that will seek to gain influence in the U.S. Now, it’s perhaps foolish to suggest that anyone phone provider or tech company will control the inevitable spread of online gambling apps. Yet, should Microsoft gain an early edge in the process, it would be newsworthy.

Sophisticated Console Adaptations

The easiest way (relatively speaking) for Microsoft to make another splash in the mobile gaming department would be to release a sophisticated adaptation of an exclusive console game. Mobile games like Infinity Blade III and even the app version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas have already demonstrated the potential for console-style games on smaller devices. Also, the release of an exclusive Xbox game in app form would represent something of a power play. Mind you, this isn’t an entirely new idea, as the game Halo: Spartan Asslt already tackled the concept. But to do it on a larger scale as an innovative and powerful app would be significant.

MicroMax Announces Cheapest Windows Phone In India

  • June 16, 2014
MicroMax Announces Cheapest Windows Phone In India

Micromax has launched 2 new windows phone in India today. Micromax will be the first Indian Manufacturers to launch a windows phone. The two devices Micromax launched today are the Canvas Win W121 and Canvas Win W092. Both phones will be in the market starting in July 2014. The Canvas Win W121 is priced at INR 9,500 ($160) while the Canvas Win W092 is priced at INR 6,500 ($110).

The Canvas Win W121 (pictured above) is a 5-inch device with an HD IPS display, an 8megapixel rear camera (with LED flash), a 2megapixel front-facing camera, and 8GB of built in storage with up to 32GB of expandable memory. The Dual SIM device is powered by the 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 quad-core processor with 1GB of memory and packs in 2000mAh battery.

MicroMax Announces Cheapest Windows Phone In India

The Canvas Win W092 is a 4-inch device with a IPS WVGA display, a 5 megapixel rear camera (with LED flash), a 0.3 megapixel front-facing camera, and 8GB of built in storage with up to 32GB of expandable memory just like the Canvas Win 121. The Canvas Win W092 is also powered by a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 quad-core processor and 1GB of memory and has the Dual SIM capability as well.

WhatsApp Is Back In Store With Many New Changes For Windows Phone

  • May 31, 2014
WhatsApp Is Back In Store With Many New Changes For Windows Phone

Finally WhatsApp is back in the Windows phone store, After almost 2 weeks off the store and users getting angrier the App makes it back to the store.

WhatsApp Is Back In Store With Many New Changes For Windows Phone

WhatsApp just isn’t back as a just a bug fix, the Apps now has many new features which you didn’t had it earlier.WhatsApp now has a privacy option which will let you remove last seen but it won’t also let you see anyone else’s last seen in your list.WhatsApp for Windows Phone was pulled with no warning from the Windows Phone Store about a week ago. Microsoft nor WhatsApp commented on its removal for some time, which led users to believe that WhatsApp had pulled support for the platform.

WhatsApp Is Back In Store With Many New Changes For Windows Phone
WhatsApp Is Back In Store With Many New Changes For Windows Phone
WhatsApp Is Back In Store With Many New Changes For Windows Phone
WhatsApp Is Back In Store With Many New Changes For Windows Phone

WhatsApp has added chat background, Media auto-download settings (settings > chat settings > media auto-download) and Custom notifications tones as well. You can download Whatsapp from here in windows phone store.

Windows Phone Gets Official File Manager

  • May 31, 2014
Windows Phone Gets Official File Manager

Windows Phone 8.1 has finally got an Official file manager for Windows Phone. The app is free in the window store and is live to download.

Here’s the set of features we get in this version 1.0 release:

  • Access files stored on your phone and SD card
  • Browse, search and launch files
  • Easily share one file or multiple files
  • Create folders to organize your files
  • Copy, move, rename and delete files

With this app, you can move, share, copy or paste anything in the phone’s and SD card memory. Download it from here

Blaming Microsoft For WhatsApp Takedown Is Madness

  • May 30, 2014
Blaming Microsoft For WhatsApp Takedown Is Madness

Its been 12 days since Whatsapp was taken down from Windows phone store and according to reports there are new 1 million windows phone users who are affected by it. Microsoft has been saying that they are working with Whatsapp to get things right and get the App back in the store but so far nothing.

But to tell it straight Microsoft has no control over WhatsApp and its not like Google or Apple to dictate terms to its apps store.To blame Microsoft for letting them take down their own app is madness.Microsoft nor WhatsApp have been willing to suggest any sort of timeframe for getting the problems sorted out which is getting users more angrier.

WinBeta reached out to WhatsApp to ask when users might be able to get hold of the app again and we were provided with the following statement:

Unfortunately, due to technical issues, we have chosen to unpublish temporarily WhatsApp Messenger on the Windows platform.

We are working closely with Microsoft to resolve the issues and hope to return to the store shortly.

We apologize for the temporary inconvenience.

Unfortunately, we cannot comment on any future timelines, sorry. Thank you for your continued patience and support of WhatsApp.

WinBeta also spoke with Microsoft who issued a similar statement:

WhatsApp Messenger has temporarily been removed from the Windows phone Store due to technical issues. Microsoft is working closely with WhatsApp on resolving the issues and hopes to return the app to the store shortly. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience.

What do you think? Would you wait for a cleaner Whatsapp or would have been ok with a faulty one?

Cortana Gets New Update But Gets Pulled Up

  • May 30, 2014
Cortana Gets New Update But Gets Pulled Up

Cortana windows phone answer to Siri had received an update which added new animations and features to the service on Windows Phone 8.1. But the features were rolled back as Microsoft is trying something new.

It seems Microsoft may have been testing this ability by rolling out new animations and features for Cortana to some users. While it appears that Microsoft has rolled back some of these features, some of you out there might still have it. Here is a list of new features that was reportedly rolled out (via WPCentral):

  • When you click on the Cortana tile, she has new animated expressions (for example, she turns into a bouncy ball like she’s excited… really cool!)
  • The live tile now has new icons on it – The normal Cortana breathing icon, Weather, Traffic to work, and now the weather icon (e.g. today it shows a cloud with a sun)
  • New interests + notifications available in Cortana’s notebook (for e.g. specific news types, traffic notifications)
  • New quiz option at the bottom of today view to let Cortana learn a bit more about your personal interests/habits.
  • New “Give Cortana Feedback” link at the bottom of Cortana’s today view.

IPhone 5C Comes To India At Rs 37,500

  • May 24, 2014
IPhone 5C Comes To India At Rs 37,500

Apple has finally announced Iphone 5C in India at a price of Rs 37,500 for a 8GB model.Apple might also offer an inaugural discount of Rs 3,000 and throw in a case worth Rs 2,300 for a limited period.The iPhone 5C, along with Apple’s flagship iPhone 5S, was launched globally last October. The 8GB variant of the device was launched in the UK and France under partnerships with telecom operators O2 and SFR.

The iPhone 5S is selling the 16GB version for over Rs 46,000, while 32GB is retailing for over Rs 62,000. iPhone 5C, the colourful devices that Apple brought out for price sensitive markets like China and India, is selling for over Rs 37,000 (16GB) and more than Rs 53,000 for the 32GB version.

Apple iPhone 5C features 4-inch Retina display that is seen in iPhone 5 and has almost identical internals, including Apple’s A6 chipset, an 8MP rear camera with flash and a 1.2MP front-facing camera.

Surface Pro 3 Vs MacBook Air Vs IPad Air

  • May 23, 2014
Surface Pro 3 Vs MacBook Air Vs IPad Air

Here is a comparison of Microsoft’s new Pro 3 tablet with iPad Air and Macbook Air

Surface Pro 3MacBook Air (11-in.)MacBook Air (13-in.)iPad Air
Operating SystemWindows 8.1OS X MavericksOS X MavericksiOS 7
Screen Size (in.)1211.613.39.7
Screen Area (sq. in.)66.4657.4975.5845.17
Aspect Ratio3:216:916:94:3
Screen Resolution2160-by-14401366-by-7681440-by-9002048-by-1536
Pixel Density216 ppi135 ppi128 ppi264 ppi
ProcessorIntel Core i3 – i7Intel Core i5 or i7Intel Core i5 or i7Apple A7
Memory4 or 8 GB4 or 8 GB4 or 8 GB1 GB
Base Storage64 GB128 GB128 GB128 GB
Maximum Storage512 GB512 GB512 GB128 GB
Battery LifeUp to 9 hoursUp to 9 hoursUp to 12 hoursUp to 10 hours
Front Camera5 megapixels0.92 megapixels0.92 megapixels1.2 megapixels
Rear Camera5 megapixelsNoneNone5 megapixels
USB Slots122None
SD Card Slot?MicroSDFull SDFull SDNone
Video OutMini DisplayPortThunderboltThunderboltNone
LTE Connectivity?NoNoNoOptional
Keyboard Included?NoYesYesNo
Runs Office?YesYesYesSubscription-only
Weight (Tablet Only)1.76 lbs.N/AN/A1 lb.
Weight (with Keyboard)2.41 lbs.2.38 lbs.2.96 lbs.N/A
Thickness (Tablet Only)0.36 in.N/AN/A0.29 in.
Thickness (with Keyboard)0.56 in.0.68 in.0.68 in.N/A
Base Price (Tablet Only)$799N/AN/A$499
Base Price (with Keyboard)$929$899$999N/A
Max Price (Tablet Only)$1949N/AN/A$929
Max Price (with Keyboard)$2079$1649$1749N/A

2 New Lumia’s Leak, Nokia Lumia 920 And Lumia 820

  • August 31, 2012

The new Lumia’s have leaked and they bring the pure view technology in one of their leaked phones. Nokia Lumia 920 has a huge 4.5inch screen. The rumors are that it might have a 21megapixel camera and also come in vibrant colors.

2 New Lumia’s Leak, Nokia Lumia 920 And Lumia 820

The other one which leaked is Lumia 820 which does not come with pure view technology. The phone has a 4.3inch screen but comes in same colors as Nokia Lumia 920.No other word on specification or pricing got out. If this is the future of Lumia then Nokia just might get ahead with things this year.